29 February 2012

Remaining a Writer's Silver Anniversary

This is my twenty-fifth post on Remaining a Writer, and therefore, in a somewhat desperate sort of a way, it marks the silver anniversary of the blog.

A Remaining-a-Writer reader enjoying my short story about worms in The Failed Anthology.
The most popular posts here on RAW are:

1. Writing in Cafés: Five Places to Write in Edinburgh

In this post I list five places you might like molesting Moleskines in. It's not the deepest of posts I've ever written, but that just goes to show that it's the title of the post that gets people to click on the link rather than what's on the other side.

Features: a picture of a rabbit using a laptop and a passing reference to the evils of Scottish history.

2. Should Creative Writing Degrees Exist?

Here I argued that creative writing shouldn't be taught in universities, and that if you insist on doing so, you really shouldn't be handing out degrees in it.

Features: a comment from an American friend revealing that in the US they have a better system for teaching creative writing than we do in the UK, and a picture of Marilyn Monroe draped over a piano.

3. Youthful Novels: Six Crossed Wands Introduction

For an event at the West Port Book Festival I dug out a novel I wrote when I was eleven. I say "novel". What I mean is "the first few chapters of a first draft of a novel", but this distinction would have been disheartening to my 11-year-old self. In any case, I transcribed the first chapter for this blog.
Features: a lengthy aside about variant spellings in Welsh, leeks, and the word "seeyasoonedly".

I have learnt a lot over the fast five months. In fact, a lot has changed in my life in general.

1. I have become employed

Over Christmas, I worked in a huge chain bookstore as a shop-floor elf forwardslash Bible-gimp. I was working six days a week, and as I discussed a bit on here, I didn't manage to write very much in what remained of my spare time. NaNoWriMo was a bit of a NaShoStoWriMo, to risk making no sense.

Having discovered the delights of having money, I've taken a job as newsdesk editor for Broadway World, which is a humongous theatre website based in New York. I work for four hours a day, but it remains to be seen whether I will actually make something of my time off. This is the remaining a writer of the blog's title, of course, because the challenge isn't writing in the first instance, but keeping on writing for the rest of one's life.

2. I actually wrote some stuff

I finished drafts of a short story about octopuses and a short film about a young magician. There's a cauldron-full of bits and pieces as always, not least of all the 14000 words of my NaNoWriMo novel and a detailed episode plan for a three-part television series based on pre-Greek mythology starring Hugh Grant.

3. I learnt that people dislike footnotes

I follow this really awesome blog about medieval manuscripts (yes, I am that person) called Got Medieval. One of the many awesome things about it is its abundance of footnotes.

In my naivety, I thought it would be a good idea for me to also use footnotes in my blog. But, no! Every single person I have discussed my blog with has said that the footnotes irritate them.

Well, consider them gone from now on...

But what of the future?

For upcoming posts I have planned:
  1. A post about the demise of the sermon as a literary form.
  2. An analytical commentary of Fawlty Towers.
  3. A bitch about medieval joke books, or "codexes" as medievalists like to call them.
  4. The delights and pitfalls of on-the-nose plotting in Battlestar Galactica.
  5. A reduction of the style of P.G. Wodehouse into seven easy-to-follow rules. (Possibly titled "P.G. Tips".)
  6. The history of the Failed Novelists Society.
  7. A review of Three Uses of The Knife by David Mamet. (I hate this book with an extraordinary passion.)
It is quite possible that none of these will get written, so don't get excited, but do let me know if there is an idea in there I should rush to the top of the queue. Or indeed if there is an idea in your head that I should rush to the top of the queue.

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  1. You've been speaking to the wrong people, I love the footnotes.