15 February 2012

Reading A Poem A Day

I wanted to dedicate a post to my mum's blog, Poems for a Year and Forever. It's only one of a veritable battalion of blogs that she runs, the most active of which is the Stephanie Green Blog of Poetry, Jazz and Dance, which you should also be reading, but I won't make a point of it.

The basic concept of Poems for a Year and Forever is that Ms Green posts a poem a day. The criteron for selection is that they "electify", which seems to me like a pretty good way to define good poetry.

It all began because I know so very little of poetry. At the age of 21 I was intimately familiar with the works of Carol Anne Duffy, Liz Lochhead, Jo Shappcott, Penelope Shuttle and Dorothy Parker, but that was pretty much it. Quite why my university years were dominated by contemporary(ish) female poets I don't know.

Quite happy in my relative ignorance, I was struck by a strange and unquenchable desire to work in the Scottish Poetry Library. The date is November, 2011:
Me: I love poetry!
Mum: Do you now?
Me: Totes! Poetry is the nectar that runneth through my veins etc.
Mum: Who wrote about the plums that were in the icebox?
Me: *tumbleweed*
Mum: You have much to learn, young one. Fear not, for I shall provide.
And so Poems For a Year and Forever was born!

So, go and follow http://poemsforayearandforever.blogspot.com/. Whether you are as ignorant as I am or think you might enjoy smugly knowing all of the poems as they come up there will be something there for you.

PS: It was William Carlos Williams, not E.E. Cummings as many seen to think.

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  1. Gee, thanks, young one.

    P.S. before anyone else points it out, it's e e cummings -but I'll leave you to find out why.