7 December 2011

My NaNoWriMo

Where have I been for the past month?

Well, I've been in NaNo land, and I've been 'Stoned.

I suppose I should take those one at a time.

National Novel Writing Month

I wrote 14000 words of a novel provisionally titled, Sex Lives of Oxford Students. Set in the world of Oxford's shadier dining societies, it's basically Brideshead Revisitied as a romantic comedy, with the sex added in and the ponderous religious parts taken out. I may post an extract if sufficient peer pressure is applied.

Wrimos will know that 14000 is not particually good going for a NaNo attempt. The target for "winning" is 50k, and many people manage much more than that. I don't feel too cut up about it though, as the bulk of those 14k were written in the first week and a half on the month - the rest of the month being eaten up by the beast that is renumerative employment.


I'm now selling books for thirty eight hours a week for one of Britain's largest book shop chains. The job began in the middle of NaNo, and although the shop was considerate to ease me into full-time work gradually,* I found that as my working hours went up my writing hours went down. My inner physicist is telling me to call this indirect proportion, but my inner physicist has not recieved the benefits of a detailed mathematical training so I will ignore him.

Now I'm getting more comfortable in my role at the book shop, I find I have more time avalable to be creative. This is exciting, and at the moment I'm using it to write poems about customer service policies.

Watch this space.

* Aren't they lovely?

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