19 October 2011

The West Port Book Festival 2011

Two very exciting things happened in Edinburgh this last week. The first was that Edinburgh's West Port was taken over by its very own book festival. The second was that I got myself a bus pass.

Somehow I ended up performing at two of the West Port events, although I hadn't intended to make a fool of myself in public at all this year. Both of these were on the 16 bus route.

The first was an open mic at the Traverse, which was also my first time reading in public. I read a story that wasn't a story, but luckily no-one noticed as I read it very quietly.

The second was an event called Cringe, which was advertised as a support group for re-reading the terrible stuff participants wrote when they were young. One of the festival organisers, a Miss Peggy from the Poetry Library, had a poem that was so terrible it was impossible to read it aloud.

Cringe was rather embarrassing for me, because it turned out that I was incredibly talented as a nine year old. I will be posting an extract of my youthful fiction here so you can see for yourself.

As you might expect from a literary festival, there were a whole host of other events, some of which I attended and some of which I didn't. Certainly all the readings and workshops I turned up at were fantastic - especially as they're free - and so I'm really looking forward to the West Port Christmas Party and future festivals.

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