21 September 2011

Writers' Lifestyles: Hard Science Fiction

Writing is more than an occupation or a living, it's a lifestyle.

You may be able to write the words, but can you walk the walk? I interviewed writer and publisher Mark Harding to see what really makes a hard science fiction writer tick.


Mark Harding spared a few moments to talk to me outside his home in South Morningside.
Mark wears:  Jacket - Harris Tweed, Brown Jumper - Topman.
Accessories: Sunglasses - RayBan, Pipe - Bartlett and Bickley.
Accessories: Varius Ivanhoe ballpoint pen - Caran d'Ache, Notebook - Tescos.
"Practicality is at all times the essence," said Mark Harding, 41, from Edinburgh, Scotland.

The pipe is never used to smoke tobacco.


The most efficient foodstuff is the soya bean, which Mark generally cooks in batches at the beginning of the week.

For dinner parties, or other special occasions, Mark serves rehydratable space foods from his Russian supplier.


"The NASA research series is great at the moment, if you can afford it. Although they're technically research, I find them very accessibly written."

Mark's bookshelf also houses the complete works of the Wittgenstein family and Emmanuel Kant's On Reason.

Although Mark doesn't drink, he says his favourite pub in The Canny Man, in Morningside, Edinburgh.

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