3 September 2011

Becoming a Blogger: Why I'm Here and What I'll Do

The theory is that my adventures in the writing world will be good fodder for an informative blog. I'll be writing about my experiences of writing courses and how-to-write books as well as well as posting reviews and analysis as takes my fancy. Anything, basically, about a life writing fiction and trying to gather the funds to support it.

I've just left university and I'm about to try and become a professional fiction writer. I'm enrolling in courses, reading how-to books and networking at conferences like any good would-be pro should.

Oh and I actually write. Sometimes.

Trying to earn a living at the same time as all this learning and writing is where life gets difficult. The expectation for Oxford leavers is that we'll be taking the bar rather than working behind it, and I'm singularly unqualified to do anything other than work in the City or become a best-selling novelist.

I'm quite open as to what this blog should be, as long as it's about writing. If you have ideas for what I should write about or if you would like to contribute a post(/s) the blog yourself, please do get in touch by commenting below or email.

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